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Choosing Commercial/Residential Irrigation Services

Of course, this type of work is not something that just any landscaping company can do. Commercial/Residential irrigation systems are sophisticated technology that requires special certifications to install and operate. The key is to choose irrigation installation and maintenance experts who have comprehensive knowledge and expertise. From older systems that are frequently in need of repairs and updates to the installation of the latest technology, you want a company that can handle it all. 

In addition to being able to handle irrigation system installation, we offer comprehensive irrigation maintenance services—because the ongoing care of your system is a protective measure on your investment.

These services include:

  • Drip systems done right! Full water-saving drip systems, tailored for each plant.

  • Subsurface Irrigation

  • Sprinkler Systems

  • Valve installation and repair

  • Wet checks of every zone in your property's system.

  • Immediate replacement and repairs when faults are identified.

  • Sprinkler head replacement as necessary.

  • Piping repairs to correct and avoid any leaks in the system.

  • Ensure appropriate watering lengths and days.

  • Inspections of proper water coverage to all landscaped areas.

  • Detailed irrigation reports provided to you on a regular schedule

  • Set Up and timer adjustments

  • Sprinkler adjustments, additions, or removals

  • Irrigation Smart Controls & Upgrades

  • Irrigation Winterization Services

  • Pump Stations & Filtration Systems

  • Specified irrigation installation

  • Central control irrigation

  • Design-build irrigation

  • Irrigation repair and service

  • Athletic field irrigation

  • Reclamation irrigation

Commercial Irrigation Benefits

A high-quality commercial irrigation system will keep your landscape looking lush, even during periods of hot dry weather.  Commercial irrigation systems distribute water directly to the root zone of the plants.  Properly designed and installed, irrigation systems aid in water conservation efforts by applying water at scheduled intervals.  This can save properties hundreds to thousands of dollars annually on water bills.  Rain sensors, moisture sensors, smart controllers, and water-smart heads help to avoid the needless waste of water without compromising plant health. Wonder Works Landscape  has the expertise and experience to design a customized irrigation system that will meet the unique watering requirements of your landscape, regardless of size, configuration, or topography. We also implement advanced water conservation technology that can reduce your organization’s utility bills.

Commercial Irrigation Services Include:

  • Annual Service Policies (start-up, seasonal inspections, winterization)

  • System Design & Installation

  • System Add-Ons

  • Smart Controllers & Mobile Monitoring

  • Fountain, Pond, and Water Feature Service and Repair

  • Pump Stations & Filtration Systems

  • Water Conservation Recommendations

  • Site Specific Watering Programs to Meet Your Property’s Landscape Needs

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